Current and Upcoming Events

Registration for the 2022 Concours at Treemont Mansion is open!

Register Here

Registration for this event shouldn’t be as harrowing as the instructions above, but if you need to create an account make sure to enter your car’s information into your profile so when you go to register you will be able to select your car from a pull-down list and the information will be automatically entered. There is also a pull-down menu to select which class you want to compete in. Just click on the magnifying glass next to the pull-down menu and more comprehensive class list will appear so you will know which class to choose.  When you finish creating your account (make sure to also enter your PCA membership information too!) just search for Musik Stadt events and choose the Concours.
Same thing if you already have an account, make sure your car information is included in your Account Profile before you go to the event registration page.
If you already have an account and have all your car’s information already associated with your profile then just follow this link and go directly to register for the event!  Registration is open now and will close on October 15.