Volunteers Needed for Exotic Car Event

Volunteers Needed for Exotic Car Event

Musik Stadt Region PCA (MSK) seeks volunteers for a special automotive event to be held at the end of April at or near Southall Farm, which is just south of Franklin, TN.  

This private event is not an MSK activity but rather an offer to our members to voluntarily support a high-end sports car rally.

As organized by Canossa Events NA (an Italy based touring company) there will be approximately 55 Super Luxury Italian Cars and their owners that will be participating in local driving tours/rallies over several days.  This prestigious international event travels around the world and this year Nashville was selected for the beginning part of the program. 

Volunteers are needed and requested for the following:

  • Give guidance to participants on the route to be followed.
  • Help staff in parking logistics (customers always drive their cars but in order to have beautiful cars display it is important that there is staff to support them). 
  • Help staff in the logistics of arrivals and restart of Ferrari group.
  • Perform stamping tasks on a table card that we will provide to participants. Compilation of the table ensures that participants respect the routes

Some MSK members have already volunteered but more are needed.

  • Around 50 people for Monday 29 April
  • Around 30 people for Tuesday 30 April
  • Volunteers will likely serve in shifts that should take no more than 4-5 hours per day.

The organizers usually give volunteers certain marque branded items to include a safely vest and a hat to wear during the event.  At the moment it is not clear how personal costs will be covered but there will be some charitable contribution made to the club to potentially compensate.

More precise details will be forthcoming. 

Harpeth Car Club is also participating with solicitation of volunteers.  FYI, a Board member of MSK will be in charge of all volunteers for our club as well as the Harpeth CC people.  

One pertinent side note is that volunteers WILL NOT BE PERMITTED to wear any Porsche logo branded apparel, nor by extension, any other automotive branded apparel.  

MSK members who are interested in volunteering for the above should respond ASAP via email to:  treasurer@msknew.pca.org