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Time  f or   Somet hing  New
         Our  old format newsletter grew up
       over  the holidays and became a
       magazine. Credit for this  innovation
       goes to Rick Mathis and Alex Hollis,
       our tech guys.

                                                          While   the  number  of  pages   our   pages   with
                                                        stays  the  same,  as  does  the    quality  images  and
                                                        frequency   of  publication,  the   stories    our
                                                        game  has  changed.   Switching    members   want  to
                                                        to    a  magazine  format  drives    read.
                                                        expectations.   Not  only  does    It's a  new year
                                                        our  basic   information   have  to
                                                        be   readily   accessible,    the   and  a new  way
                                                        publication now has to look good   and  it's going to be
                                                        ,  too.                         exciting.

                                                               That's  where  you  come  in.
                                                        Member participation  , like the    Cherie Beatty,
                                                        great  photos   in  Tale  of  the   Solid- Gold Editor
                                                        Tail   taken  by  Josh  Swayze  &
        If   the  two  of  them         Unlike   our  friends in   Alex Hollis,  will be needed to fill
     hadn't  begun  exploring    Kansas   City    who
     the   possibilities   for   produce  only  6 issues  a
     improving          our   year,  we  will  be  sticking
     Musik-Stadt     official   with  a  monthly  format.
     website  ,  which  meant   We  were  already  doing
     taking  a  closer  look   at   30  pages;  now  we're
     what     other    PCA    doing  them  as  a  digital
     branches  were doing ,  I   magazine   with  better
     would    never    have   pictures,  cleaner  layout,
     discovered     Kansas    and   more  modern  type
     City's  award  winning  ,   fonts.   Good  -bye  serif,
     bi-monthly       news    hello  sans.
     magazine and gotten  an         The  new  look   has
     eyeful  of   what   other    obvious advantages. We
     clubs were  doing.
                              can  use space to  share
       By   comparison,  even   those  truly  great  photos
     with  the   tweaks  that   that  our members take ,
     were made to Solid Gold   run   stories    in   a
     over the past six months   serialized  manner,  as
     of   2019,    the   thing   you'll  see  in  Neiland
     looked  dated  and  pretty   Pennington's 7 Porsches
     downscale.   With  the   promo'd  in  this  issue,
     approval  of  the  board,   and  we   hope  that  the
     we  set  about  to  bring   design   encourages
     Solid  Gold  into  the  21st   others  to  want  to  get
     century before it got any   their own  share  of  "ink"   3
     further away from us.      by  sharing stories.
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