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Fr om t he   Dr iver 's   Seat

                                                 By   Har al d   Mel son,    Pr esident

                                                      Looking forward, 2020  will bring drives to new locations, tech
                                                 sessions , picnics, new members, our annual Concours (new date
                                                 and  new   location)  and  much  more  fun!   I  am  grateful  for  the
                                                 support,  volunteer  spirit,  encouragement  and  guidance  of  the
                                                 board members.  Thank you to each and every board member.
                                                        Most  importantly,  a  volunteer  organization  is  dependent  on
                                                 the efforts of individuals willing to contribute both  time and ideas
                                                 to   improve  it.   So  I  ask  all  of  YOU  for  your  help  in helping  the
                                                 board find new ways to  improve the Musik-Stadt experience for
                                                 the  entire  membership.  We  also   want  to  put  emphasis  on
                                                 broadening our geographic base to ensure that everyone is able
              I hope Santa was good to all and
                                                 to  access  our  activities,  scheduling  some  to  be  closer  for
        the start of 2020 has been delightful!
                                                 communities  and members that have been under-served.
                THANK  YOU  to  all  who  donated
                                                       This brings me to February when we have our monthly winter
        food to benefit the Nashville Rescue
                                                 breakfast meetings. These have been held at the Puffy Muffin in
        Mission.   The large amount you gave     Brentwood,  and  we?ll still  be  there  ,  an  easy  morning  drive  for
        surprised  the  Mission.  The  director   those who live in the general area; however, this year, we?re also

        and their photographer came out to       trying something new. We will have alternate breakfast meetings
        greet us.  Thanks to Josh Swayze for     held at The Coffee Break on the Square in Shelbyville ( the starting
                                                 point of our last drive in 2019) Tennessee, for members in M?boro,
        the use of his pick up. We were able
                                                 Manchester,  or  other  communities  in  that  driving  sector.
        to  deliver  all  in  one  load.   The
                                                 Breakfast in both locations begins on February 1st, at 8 AM. We
        Mission  staff  reminded  us  that  they
                                                 hope you will all show up at one location or the other and use
        depend  on  food  donations  to  get     breakfast to meet new people and their Porsches of choice.
        them  through  the  holidays.  Thank
                                                       Lastly, I?m sure you have noticed that we have a new look for
        you,   club  members,   for  your
                                                 the  monthly  edition  of  Solid  Gold.  We  are  fortunate  to  have
        generosity.                              members who contribute to it each month, and some who even
                                                 write  monthly  columns,  like  Sharon  Stewart?s  Track  Rats.  This
                As we start a new year, I hope
                                                 month  she  talks  tires,  Check  it  out,  beginning  on  page  28  and
        you have registered for our annual
                                                 don't  forget  to  follow  us  both  on   Facebook  and  on  our  official
        banquet  on  January  18  at  the        website where new things will be happening, too.

        Brentwood  Country  Club.  It  is
        always a good time to enjoy good
        food and great fellowship. We will
        recognize  the  2019  Musik-Stadt

        Enthusiast of the year during  it. .        ht t ps:/ / www.f groups/ 18710544840968

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