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Mr.  Pennington  still  makes  the
                                                                   rounds  of  car  shows  as  well   as
                                                                   automotive   reveals   and  covers
                                                                   them  as  a  freelance  photographer
                                                                   and    journalist   for   enthusiast

                                                                   Neiland  is  also  a  respected  judge
                                                                   at  our  annual   Concours  event,
                                                                   always  happy  to  discuss  the  finer
           7  Por sches                                            points   of  Porsche  presentation
                                                                   with  those who are just beginning
                                                                   to love the brand.
                                                   in  7  mont hs
            by  J.   Neil and   Penningt on                        We  look  forward  to   having  him
             Watch  this  Space                                    share  his  memories  with  us
                                                                   beginning in the  next issue.  ##

         Starting  in  February,   Neiland  Pennington  ,  one  of
       Musik-Stadt's  more  devoted  enthusiasts,  will  begin  a
       series  about   his  decades  long  affection  for   and
       dedication to the Porsche marque. He will tell  his story
       and  share   vintage   photos  of  the  cars   that   he   has
       owned since he was a young man to the present.

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