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The Tale of t he Tail

                       One of the wor ld's best motor cycling and spor ts car  r oads-

                       that's how  US 129 at the Tennessee/North Carolina border is described. And,
                       while RTE 66 may be the   best known road  in the United States , the  pavement

                       where you can  poetically  get your kicks, none of the short stretches that remain
                       between Los Angeles and Chicago  can compare to the thrill of executing   318
                       curves in the space of  11 miles.  Enthusiasts call  this stretch  of  129 the Tail of
                       The Dragon.   continues on  page  8

                                                                                      "Rennsport draws people from
                                                                                   the Nashville region, the  Atlanta
                                                                                   region , the Knoxville region,  North
                                                                                   Carolina,  South Carolina and Florida,
                                                                                   making this one of the most cross
                                                                                   regional  PCA events I've been to
                                                              7                    outside of Amelia  Island." Alex  Hollis
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